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Honkutonoken Mini Set (Imo Shochu) (270ml x 5)

The tagline for the collaboration is "Seikimatsu Kyūseishu Densetsu," which is a pun. It normally means "Legend of the Savior of the Century's End," a reference to one of Kenshiro's titles, but in this case one of the characters has been swapped out for the kanji for alcohol. Instead it reads "Legend of the Saving Wine of Century's End.“

It is a collaboration product with Fist of the North Star.

Kenshiro bottles are prepared with the royal road of golden Sennuki in sweet potato shochu, so you can enjoy the classic taste that is easy to drink.
Raoh bottles are prepared with Beniharu, which is called the strongest honey potato, and you can fully enjoy the original sweetness of the potato.
The Toki bottle is prepared in Joy White, and you can enjoy the refreshing sweetness and fruitiness.
The Yulia bottle is prepared in Aya purple, and you can enjoy the taste loved by everyone with its gorgeous aroma and gentle mouthfeel. You can enjoy the unique sweetness of the roasted sweet potato shochu from Ray Bottle and the addictive taste of the roasted sweet potato.


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270ml x 5

Honkutonoken Mini Set (Imo Shochu) (270ml x 5)