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Chigiri Premium Umeshu Brandy Rich Plum Wine (720ml)

The elegant aroma and mellow flavour of the brandy harmonies well with the sourness of the plum wine and spreads well in the mouth. The mild sweetness of the plum wine can also be tasted as long-lasting aftertaste. Frozen Ume brewing, freezing the plums once softens them and maximises their elegant aroma. 

Blended brandy VSOP grade of cognac from France is used. The noble, uplifting aroma of the brandy creates a quality time. Brown sugar is used for the savoury, full bodied sweetness of the brown sugar gives you a richer, and deep quality, which perfectly with the brandy and plum flavours.

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Chigiri Premium Umeshu Brandy Rich Plum Wine (720ml)