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AKASHI Tanzanite Single Malt Whisky

The second expression from the Akashi Gem Series has been hand-blended by Eigashima Distillery’s toji (master sake brewer) and aged for 3 years in carefully selected sherry and bourbon casks. Eigashima was formally established as a limited company in 1888 by Hyokichi Urabe, whose family’s brewing history in the sake town of Nada can be traced back to 1679. In 1919, they obtained Japan’s first whisky brewing license and started creating their own style of whisky. Benefiting from mild and dry climate of the Seto Inland Sea and the good spring water source from Mount Rokkō, this Akashi single malt has been distilled with the century-old craftsmanship that makes it one of the unique and exceptional Japanese whiskies. Having been aged in oak casks in a blessed brewing environment gives the whisky a complex flavor and a rich full body.
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✔︎ Double Gold (San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2023) ✔︎ Silver (International Spirits Challenge 2023)



Taste Profile

Nose: Fruity aromas of lemon zest, apples, and bananas, with a hint of mint, honey, and smoke. Palate: Fresh sourness and soft sweetness that reminds one of chocolate biscuit, with a slight hint of ginger spice. Finish: The gentle sweet and sour taste gradually dissipates in a nice finish.

Whisky Ingredients


Recommended Food Pairings

  • Gouda, Strong Blue Cheeses, Hot smoked salmon or fish dishes or meat that has the subtle smokiness. Dried fruit with sweeter nuts. Dark chocolate, Pork ribs



AKASHI Tanzanite Single Malt Whisky