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Zenryo Imo Shochu Ikkoman (720ml)

IKKOMON is a rare, 100% imo shochu made with imo koji rather than the commonly used rice koji. As a result, IKKOMON emanates the bounty of the Koganesengan sweet potato.
IKKOMON is a honkaku shochu, made with 100% Koganesengan. Sweet and delicious to eat, Koganesengan is the most popular Japanese sweet potato in Kagoshima prefecture. Shochu made with this cultivar is known for its sweet fragrance, delicately smooth palate, and complex flavors of chestnuts and dried flowers.
While many imo shochu are brewed with rice koji, IKKOMON is brewed with 100% imo from start to finish, then, distilled once. Propagating superior quality imo koji is a modern feat, made possible by TAKARA’s inimitable use of patented technology and constant drive to innovate. 
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Zenryo Imo Shochu Ikkoman (720ml)