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Kodoku no Gurume Imo Shochu (Sweet Potato)(720ml)

"Kodoku no Gourmet" is a gourmet manga. The story main character Goro Inogashira who runs an imported goods business, eating alone. A new manga collaboration with the brewery.

It is a genuine potato Shochu that has the characteristic aroma of black Koji, and has a mellow aroma and taste. The raw material is Kogane Sennuki potatoes from Kagoshima golden Chiki and stems are carefully cut to minimize off-flavour components. 

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Taste Profile

Sweetness, black Koji aroma, medium dry

Recommended Food Pairings

  • Pork chops, Pizza, Tempura, Sweets, Ham, Fatty meats, cheese, spicy food

Recommended Highball Recipes

  • Parsley Oyuwari: Put a sprig of parsley in a glass and top up with hot water. Add Shochu after letting it sit for a minute. The fresh taste makes it surprisingly smooth.
  • Hachimitsuwari: Add desired amount of Shochu, than a spoonful or two of honey to a glass, add hot water as needed
  • Hana Hana Highball: Add 50ml Shochu, 110ml soda water with ice cubes, squeeze the juice of half a lemon straight and stir well.
  • Shikoku Mule: Fill glass with ice cubes, add 50ml Shochu, 50ml yuzu juice. Fill glass to the top with ginger beer, gently stir and garnish with a lime wedge
Kodoku no Gurume Imo Shochu (Sweet Potato)(720ml)