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Imo Shochu Omaewamoushindeiru (900ml)

Imo Syochu Omaewamoushindeiru (You are dead) uses a print bottle designed by Kenshiro in collaboration with Fist of the North Star. Inspired by the strength of Kenshiro's royal road, Imo Shochu is prepared with the royal road of Golden Sennuki. When you put it in your mouth, it is a sweet potato shochu that has the aroma peculiar to black jiuqu, but is characterized by the mellowness of the aroma. We used Kagoshima's golden Sennuki as the raw material, and carefully cut both calyxes to minimize offensive odor components. We use black Jiuqu, which is a raw Jiuqu, and filter it by a method called rough filtration so that the taste that we are particular about is not damaged.
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Taste Profile

Sweet and Mellow

Shochu Ingredients

Imo Black Koji

Imo Shochu Omaewamoushindeiru (900ml)