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Aioi Hekishu Blended Whisky (720ml)

Based on Canadian whisky aged for 8 years, Scotch malt (12-year aged in barrel), Islay malt (5-year aged in barrel), etc. are uniquely blended authentic Japanese blended whisky from Aichi Prefecture at our Hekinen Distillery.
The stimulating and smooth taste that you feel at first, and the glamorous and sweet fragrance like vanilla. Hekishu is a whisky that you will never get tired and want to drink again and again.
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Taste Profile


Whisky Ingredients

Malt, Grain

Recommended Highball Recipes

  • 1:1 Whisky and Soda
  • On the rock, neat
  • 50ml Hekishu Blended, 25ml fresh pineapple juice, 50ml coconut water, 5ml vanilla syrup, 5ml coconut syrup
Aioi Hekishu Blended Whisky (720ml)