How can I properly store sake?

How can I properly store sake?

Japanese sake is very sensitive & delicate and there are NO added preservatives as compared to wine. The pasteurisation process help to deter the degradation (aging) of the sake.The lack of preservatives in sake makes it vulnerable to change in response to factors such as light, temperature or exposure to air. There are two things to remember to preserve the taste of sake. 

1. Do not store sake in a place where the temperature fluctuates. it is better to keep in a cool place.

2. Do not store sake in direct sunlight. It is better to keep sake in a dark place.

Ordinarily, the refrigerator is the best place for storage. The best storage temperature is approximately 5°C, but sake can be safely stored at temperature under 15°C. Sake does without a cork, which helps preserve it from factors as humidity and oxidation. 

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